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Discovering Which Digital Marketing Components Work

A digital marketing strategy is essential for businesses today. Most people find what they need and what they desire via the internet. They are either doing searches, checking out social media pages of local businesses, or sending messages to friends and family via Facebook in search of recommendations. Mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and watches, are other digital ways to communicate. Managing all those digital components can get confusing without one messaging platform, such as Podium, to keep track of communications and provide reports to let business owners know which ones are working for the business.

Return on the Investment (ROI)

Utilizing all opportunities for leads, advertisements on search engines, and other digital ways of attracting customers is too expensive for most businesses, especially local ones, to sustain. Accurate reporting lets owners determine which advertisements and services are providing a high return for the investment. Setting up benchmarks, comparing results between methods, and keeping abreast of new opportunities are also useful tools to help navigate digital marketing. An electrician is currently using pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements from Google, for example, and is not thrilled with the results.

Saving Money

A new advertising unit, Local Services Ads by Google (LSAs), has become available in the area. The electrician discovers these google local services ads are pay-per-lead units and will save him money over the PPC advertisements. The business must be properly licensed and insured to qualify and fit into one of over thirty categories of services. Some categories include carpet cleaning, towing, painting, roofing services, photographers, junk removal, and locksmiths. His business meets the requirements, so he applies to participate in local services ads.

Google Guaranteed

After the license and insurance are verified by Google, background checks are completed on business employees, and there are no issues with the business. The business not only qualifies for local service ads that will save money, it is granted the distinction of being Google Guaranteed. This means the ads will include a badge that signifies the status. The guarantee means Google will cover refund requests up to two-thousand dollars for work arranged via LSAs. The business attracts more customers and customers book services with confidence and peace of mind.

Learn about LSAs and other innovative digital marketing techniques during a free demonstration of the features and functions of the Podium messaging platform. This is ideal for business with or without digital marketing strategies to explore options and increase revenues.